We monitor workplace indoor air quality and report how safe, healthy and compliant your premises are.

Our air quality engineers are available any time between 8am and midnight, 7 days a week.

We can offer professional workplace indoor air quality monitoring in your office, retail unit, industrial space and any other type of commercial premises. We also specialise in indoor air quality monitoring for hotels, hospitals, cleanrooms and schools.

We offer continuous, snapshot and personal exposure monitoring and measure the wide range of indoor air quality factors, including: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, relative humidity, ozone, temperature, particulate matter, mould spores and bacteria, formaldehyde, radon, methane and flammable gases.

We also offer a range of professional air quality related services including:

Standards and legislation

Safe Air Quality performs workplace indoor air quality monitoring in accordance with the broad range of relevant ISO standards. We have a network of UKAS-accredited partner laboratories where air sample analysis is conducted when required.

Our services help commercial clients meet the requirements of various industry-specific legislation and guidelines, including:

Why monitor workplace indoor air quality?

Our expert indoor air quality monitoring and superior reporting allow your health and safety departments to respond to potential indoor air quality problems before they develop into expensive remedial and/or litigation issues.

Your company can also immediately deal with real indoor air quality complaints, as we use the most advanced mobile indoor air quality monitoring solutions in the market.

We can help you meet your COSHH obligations and address sick building syndrome and any other air quality related issues.

Indoor air quality monitoring and improvement has a positive impact on your triple bottom line: it creates significant economic savings, increases workforce wellbeing and has a positive effect on environmental health.


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