Indoor air quality testing in offices and the workplace

office air qualityA focus on air tightness for heat efficiency, heavy reliance on HVAC systems and toxic emissions from equipment in many offices means office workers are often exposed to elevated levels of indoor pollutants.

A consideration of office indoor air quality should form part of every employer’s duty of care. Indoor air quality should also feature in the risk assessment document that employers are obliged by the HSE to create and update on a regular basis.

Symptoms of poor office air quality can include:

  •       allergies and respiratory or other health issues
  •       feeling tired and groggy, particularly in the afternoon
  •       low staff productivity, especially during certain times of the day
  •       high absenteeism 

Our specialist office air quality testing, monitoring and assessment services help employers create and sustain a healthy indoor environment for staff and clients. We can assess and diagnose HVAC issues, offering professional, cost-effective HVAC solutions for a healthy air quality. We also help businesses develop health and safety policies and offer expert guidance on creating effective risk assessments.

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