Air cleaning plants and horticultural solutions

Research conducted at NASA has shown that certain plants are efficient at removing particular VOCs from indoor air. Safe Air Quality can provide you with a bespoke indoor planting solution from our own selected range of fourteen different air cleaning plants, specific to your identified air quality issues.Indoor air cleaning plants

Our surveyors and scientists can prepare the right combination of these plants to address your requirements. Our prices are highly competitive, and by incorporating our Safe Air Quality soil system you will benefit from the right action of the soil, also identified to be fundamental in the process of air purification.

Contact us at any time for a quote on supply and installation of these wonderful air cleaning plants.


Vertical wall plantingVertical wall planting

Using the very latest technologies and green materials we can provide you with wall mounted planting systems.

Many of our clients say: 'we love plants around the office but there's just not enough room, not enough floor space'.

Have a look at some amazing pictures of living walls in offices and homes from Neo Garden in Paris, France. This shows you just what a really well designed vertical garden can look like.

These examples of vertical planting are quite superior and, as with all of our remediative plant installations, you will need to be prepared to put in some work to maintain the systems.

It is possible to build your own vertical planters and there are many sites like where you can investigate different DIY techniques.

Alternatively, give us a call and get us to do it for you – for a free quote please contact us.

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