Air quality testing for hotels and the hospitality industry

hotel air qualityOur indoor air quality services for the hospitality industry help give hotels, bars, restaurants and casinos a competitive edge by creating a sustainable healthy environment for both clients and staff.

Indoor air quality directly influences the personal comfort of hotel guests and is therefore linked to customer satisfaction.

We know air quality in hotels can have a big effect on the experience of guests, as well as staff productivity. In particular, clients with chemical sensitivities are likely to have an uncomfortable experience staying in a hotel with poor air indoor air quality.

A study in the USA classified 60% of facilities in the hospitality industry (hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, and casinos) as having poor air quality. This was linked directly with falls in sales, repeat customers and staff efficiency, alongside lost wages.

A heavy reliance on large HVAC systems can have a huge influence on indoor air quality. Safe Air Quality can assess the impact your HVAC system is having on indoor air quality in your premises, and offer professional solutions from our qualified HVAC experts.

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