Long-term air quality monitoring solutions

Safe Air Quality offers the latest in continuous air quality monitoring solutions to suit the specific needs of your indoor environment. Our continuous air quality assessment services offer:

  • Sophisticated, compact sensors installed in single or multiple locations within your premises  
  • Minute by minute logging of air quality data
  • Measurement of the broad range of air quality factors, from carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to volatile organic compounds, combustion gases and particulate matter
  • Regular reporting on your air quality and solutions to deal with any issues
  • Online access to your air quality data
  • Benchmarking tools to anonymously compare your air quality performance against others in your industry

Continuous air quality monitoring and reporting is a transparent means of meeting and responding to industry legislation and employer duty of care. It also offers an effective means of establishing air quality trends and isolating the triggers of time-specific air quality issues.

We offer this service in both commercial and domestic environments. To find out more about Safe Air Quality’s continuous air quality monitoring services, please contact us.

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