What can cause poor air quality in my home or office environment?

Biological and particulate pollution as well as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can arise from a wide range of sources, including building materials, adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products, copy machines, computer monitors, pesticides and cleaning agents to name a few. These invisible and normally undetectable pollutants can often easily combine to create a toxic environment.

Can poor indoor air quality seriously affect my health?

Recent studies suggest that many of us, particularly in urban environments, are subject to a wide range of health hazards created by many different factors.

Indoor air quality issues have contributed to a steep rise in asthma – research has shown a doubling in the incidence of asthma in children over the last twenty years. Cancer, COPD, and tuburculosis, are just a few other illnesses we know are connected with poor air quality.

Can Safe Air Quality Ltd help me to reduce the spread of diseases, flu viruses etc within my indoor environment?

Yes. Using our ionising and filtration technology we can significantly reduce the ability for diseases to spread within an indoor environment. This is particularly important in an office, where days lost through illness represents real financial loss for any business. In the retail and leisure sectors and anywhere open to the public, it is fundamental that you do the best you can to protect your customers and patrons from spreading diseases to each other on your premises. We've all seen the films with people sneezing and starting outbreaks, H1N1, swine flu, bird flu etc.

I don't understand all these chemicals and hazard warnings and I don't know if they're bad for me

Our experienced surveyors and online engineers know all about this subject and can advise you free of charge, just contact us and ask us online or make a booking and take the first step to taking control.

Can you make me live longer and be healthier?

Sadly, we can't, but we can help you to take charge of your personal environment and empower you to make decisions and take action on improving your chances to lead a long and healthy life. For example, if you smoke we know that you should stop; we can't help you with that but we can help you minimise any harm that your second hand smoke does to anyone else.




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